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Actress Sex Scandal Aka

Actress Sex Scandal Aka

Actress Sex Scandal Aka (2015)

81 Phút

Country: Hàn Quốc

Director: N/A

Genres: 123phim, anime47, bilutv, bongngotv, diịch, dong phim, fpt play, galaxy, Hdonline, hdviet, hdvietnam, kênh14, motphim, netflix, Phim 18+, Phim 18+ Hàn Quốc, phim3s, phim4400, phimbathu, phimgi, phimhd, vivuphim, xem phim, xemphimso, yeuphimmoi

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Movie plot

Phim Actress Sex Scandal 2015 Aka, Actress Sex Scandal 2015 Aka 2015

If common sense Broken entertainment, not gender hosting support in situations that can not even win any piece has relationships with dozens of senior executives for popularity. So only in that it can not survive the entertainment industry she had and the sokpulyi through the diary, one day there is no diary sseudeon secretly getting news from the Korea celebrity status “,” upward mobility and matbakkun star hospitality “title his diary as called public and on society falls in anger … could she really be able to survive in the entertainment industry?

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